Books are resources which all can fall back or refer to when  in doubt. Continuing  with the aim of helping dentists succeed Kaizen Dental creates content in the form of books to help dentists.

Want to be successful during BDS? This book gives you suggestions to do exactly that. It has tips and tricks about how to overcome homesickness, failure, and lack of patients in college. It teaches you basics of time management, coping up with studies, making friends, managing health, and when to start studying for NEET exams. It also explains what to expect from first year to internship. Want to know these tips and secrets? 

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How to start your clinical career after BDS?  The same questions confused Amit and his friends. They were torn between various options including MDS, working as an associate, quitting dentistry, and going abroad. A chance encounter with Dr. Sudhanshu helps them launch their career with tips on topics including – 1. How to know oneself, 2. How to search for the ideal dental clinic to join as an associate, 3. How to sort options after BDS, 4. How to decide which CDE courses to attend, 5. Whether to join a corporate dental clinic or not, 6. Tips on studying for NEET, 7. Suggestions while selecting MDS college and subject, 8. How to go about doing MDS. Dr. Sudhanshu teaches them how to maneuver these situations with a continuous view of the big picture. Are you going to join them in knowing the secrets to a successful start in Clinical Dentistry? 

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