In this video Dr. Aneesh Pradhan talks about how she got 9th rank in INI CET and 4th rank in NEET MDS. In the interview he answers the following questions – 1. When did you start preparing? 2. What is the difference in INICET and NEET MDS exams in terms of questions asked or how you should answer? 3. How many books did you refer to? 4. Did you give equal importance to clinical and non-clinical subjects? 5. How did you push yourself to study topics you don’t enjoy? 6. Any smart study tips? 7. Minimum number of times revision is needed? 8. Any advice to the student out there who is inspired by what you have achieved and wants to do the same?
In this video Dr. Ichita Joshi talks about how she got 151 rank in her first attempt in NEET MDS. In the interview she answers the following questions – 1. How to start and plan the preparation? 2. How to crack the exam in internship 3. Is coaching compulsory? 4. How many books did you to refer? 5. How to stay motivated? 6. Any tips for the day of the exam? 7. One or two top pieces of advice which helped you score well?

In this video Dr. Sai Naveen Kumar Pilli (PTBD Academy) explains tips about giving the NEET PG MDS exam. In the interview he answers the following questions – 1. Journey leading to NEET Coaching? 2. Is it worth investing a decade to complete BDS and MDS? 3. What are things to keep in mind before entering NEET PG preparation? 4. How many months minimum required to clear the NEET PG entrance? 5. Study from standard textbooks or MCQ books? 6. Importance of Notes while studying for NEET PG? 7. Difference between students who crack NEET PG and those who don’t? 8. Important tip for NEET PG students How to overcome self doubt – whether I will clear the exam or not? 9. Success in career as a dentist

In this video Dr. Ichita Joshi talks about NEET MDS admission process. In the interview she answers the following questions – 1. After you get your results what is the next step? 2. Any payment to be done initially? 3. Which states can you apply for state counseling? The state you did your BDS or domicile state? 4. Does state counseling start after central counseling is completely over? 5. Should you we wait for state counseling or take an all-India level counseling? 6. After booking a seat 1st round can we still continue with 2nd round or are we out of the counseling session? 7. Most common mistakes done by students during the process?

In this video Dr. Aamir Godil talks about how to prepare during the last 7 days of NEET MDS exams. In the interview he answers the following questions – 1. Last 7 days what will be your go to strategy for cracking NEET MDS? 2. Should they focus on weaker subjects or stronger? 3. What to do the last day before exam? 4. How to maintain calm while giving the exam? 5. Any tips on how to attempt the paper?

Incase you clear your NEET MDS. How do you select which is the right branch (field/subject)? Understanding what is the current situation in each field makes it a bit easy. So check out what our opinion is about each field.

Now that you know which branch you want to get into finalizing which college is crucial. Understand what factors are to be considered while finalizing your college.